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   I'm Shifty, and I co-own and operate We Are Fallin Starr (Fallin' Starr Photography) with my wife, Lohan. We are currently based in Upstate New York.  

    As far back as I can remember I have always had a fascination with photography. My earliest memories of my fascination involve Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. I've always been a massive fan, so I kind of think that is where my fascination with photography really started.   

   I spent countless years using various disposable and Polaroid cameras. Around 2009, I purchased my first digital point and shoot camera. Over the next few years I spent my free time learning as much as I could about the art of photography while upgrading cameras a couple times until 2014.

   In 2014, I decided it was time to purchase my first DSLR camera! Since that time I've invested my time, energy and life to photography. I'm always learning! I try to shoot as much as I can. I do not focus on just one style of photography. I do not want to box myself in.

  In 2018, we decided to expand the services we offer to include graphics (album covers, show flyers, etc.), limited video, interviews for publication on Faygoluvers.net, and other services. 

  In 2019, to kick start the company after a slight down time that wrapped up 2018, we decide to move forward using the name We Are Fallin Starr.